Traditii Locale Conacul lui Maldar

The kulas: the fortified manors of the boyars of old

Maldăr Manor is an old Oltenian manor, which has preserved intact all the architectural details of the kulas: thick walls, immaculately whitewashed walls, a tall tower, secret passageways, and, above all, an arcaded balcony running the entire length of the upper storey.

With a history going back more than three centuries, the kulas were originally fortified boyar residences, built to defend against Turkish attack – the raiding parties from south of the Danube led by Osman Pazvantoğlu that pillaged Wallachia in the late eighteenth century.

Kulas can be found all over the Balkans, and in Romania the most famous of them are situated in the Măldărești area of Vîlcea County, and in Gorj and Mehedinți Counties.

The legend of Captain Maldăr

Every kula has its legend, and of all the legends from Măldărești, none is more moving that that of Captain Maldar, the son of court paharnik (cup-bearer) Nan. Tudor Maldar was one of the captains of Mihai the Brave, and the legend tells that after his capture by the Tartars, he won the heart of the beautiful daughter of the Tartar chief, thereby regaining his freedom. The two lovers took refuge in a kula in Măldărești, today known as the Greceanu Kula.

Even if it is not the original site of these legendary events, our manor has been named after Captain Maldăr, in honour of that brave knight and his immortal love story.